About The Staff


Timothy Wheaton-Owner/LMT 

Timothy received his Associates and Arts degree (A.A.)  from South Florida State College (SFSC). Gradated Valedictorian from the Florida Academy of Massage and Skin Care where he received his License in Massage Therapy. Right after graduating, Tim started his own therapy business working out of his home town YMCA where he also received his Personal Training License and became a Weight Management Specialist through the National Council for  Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT). He has ran a very successful business for 5 years and has outgrown his capacity for new patients. His goal is to show and educate the public of ways to get rid of almost any pain naturally while improving the overall quality of life and health of his clients. Timothy is still continuing his education to finish his bachelor degree and expand his business so that he can touch the lives of more people around the world and integrate more ways to improve their overall health and well being.








Ashley Tinker-Owner/LMT

Ashley received her Associates of Science (A.S.) in Massage Therapy at Keiser University where she graduated at the top of her class. She then continued her education by receiving her Bachelor's of Science (B.S.) in Resort Hospitality Management with a Minor in Spa and Event Planning. Ashley has worked for spas, chiropractic offices, and gyms. She eventually decided to build her own practice doing massage therapy in Sebring, Florida. She built a clientele base of 200 in just over a year. Ashley wanted to see the world so she became a flight attendant but soon discovered that her true passion was in massage therapy. Retiring from being a flight attendant after a year, she settled in Denver, Colorado. She worked at Elements where her clientele base grew to 100 clients in less than 7 months. However, with Ashley’s skills and entrepreneurial mindset, did not want to settle working for someone else. She was determined to grow her own business so she networked with Zillow Group doing massage for their employees at their office. Ashley had built a clientele base of 90 people that she served from her personal mobile business, not including the 100 clients from her previous location at Elements, in just one year. Ashley has over 10 years of massage experience and her goal is to share her talents and experiences with her employees who will in turn be able to touch the lives of more people and educate them on how beneficial and therapeutic massage can be for the mind, body, and spirit. She continues to learn and grow to better help the people she comes in contact with and has received her Weight Management Specialist certification to help people become more healthy on the inside as well as on the outside.



Jamie Taylor- LMT

Jamie is originally from Maryland, she has been in Florida For almost 7 years. She moved here after receiving her Associates in Applied Science and completing her studies in therapeutic massage at Anne Arundel Community College. She decided to become a massage therapist because she wanted to be a positive influence on the physical and mental well being of the people around her.












Toiya Cook, LMT


Toiya has been a massage therapist since 2011 and graduated Everest University in Lakeland, Fl. His modalities are Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Sports Massage. He chose this profession because he is a giver and loves helping people feel better mentally and physically. His motto is to heal the world one massage at a time







Rebecca Helms-LMT

Rebecca Helms has been a Massage Therapist since 2010. She was trained at Florida School of Massage where she learned various modalities such as, swedish, connective tissue, neuromuscular therapy, polarity therapy reflexology and sports massage. Rebecca has traveled the United states fine tuning her skill set. She has worked with rehabilitation from injury and feels empowered by healing others by touch.  














Isham Holding- Massage Therapist Apprentice

Isham is a father to two beautiful little girls and is very involved in physical health. He trains in the gym often to stay strong and active to assist in helping people through massage. He loves helping bring the best out of people and he likes to make new acquaintances. Isham is also the owner of Ohev Devash and sells local honey. He has a passion to serve people and always has his patients best interest in mind. 








Madisyn Griffis, Receptionist 

Madi is family oriented, ambitious, and has a passion to help others feel their best. She is still finding her path in life, but she definitely knows she wants to be a positive part in other peoples lives. She likes to make sure that every one is well taken care of to the best of her ability. Madi is always smiling and brightens our office daily with her gentle spirit. Massage Therapy is new to her, but has quickly become a huge influence in her live as well as her families lives.  









 Sabrina Wheaton- Office Manager/ Massage Therapist Apprentice

Sabrina has always been interested in physical and mental health.

She’s currently working on the proper licensing and certifications toward becoming a massage therapist and yoga instructor. Sabrina is also learning about traditional Chinese medicine, crystals, and other holistic methods to heal people. 

She can answer any questions you might have regarding our spa, our practices, massage, and our float rooms.